Miss Chiyo Terasawa
Interest in Elderly Care

My interest in elderly care grew after I started working as a part-time caregiver back when I was in college.

Early days at Intern

In the beginning, I struggled because it was a very different experience from the time I started caregiving in Japan.

Many fun activities and events

Since then I was able to plan and organize many fun activities and events at Umenoki.

Sing-along with "everyone"

One day I was planning a new activity; an activity that can get everyone involved.  But the question remained whether there could be anything that everyone from different history and background can share.  I was determined to do a sing-along activity with everyone.

Cross-cultural understanding

The sing-along activity taught me not only about Umenoki residents but also about different time and age they lived in, different cultures they were raised in.  And that brought everyone together and let us share a whole new experience as a group.

"Life is a journey"

Now that I completed the internship program, I am back in Japan and still working as a caregiver.