Miss Junko Omoto
Japanese-style senior home got me interested

After transferring from a junior college in Northern California to a 4-year university in Virginia, I began to consider working in the States. That's when I learned about Umenoki Home back in SF Bay Area.

It was definitely a turning point in my life

My first job.  My first time out of school.  I remember I was very nervous and anxious.

Young colleagues got my back

Umenoki Home was with full of fun events.  Almost every month, we had something special going on.

Umenoki let me do anything and everything I wanted

Thinking back to those times that we danced, played skits, did concerts in from of residents, and made movies, it was a very rich one+ year at Umenoki and a fruitful experience.

I can't thank enough to Japanese seniors and what they've done

I laughed a lot.  I cried a lot.  I enjoyed and struggled.  But every bit of them, I feel grateful.

Hopefully I can succeed the positive image of Japanese

I have learned so much from the Umenoki residents.  I also worked my tail off on a foreign soil like them.  Hopefully I can continue or even improve the positive image of Japanese that our ancestors left.